Alfred - Contact Cleaner

#1 Contact Management App in the App Store. If your contact list is super messy and impossible to navigate through; use Alfred to clean your contacts with just one swipe!

Alfred is the best and only contact manager you'll need for your phone and free to use! We offer you a Tinder-like user experience.

Alfred is easy and fun — use the Swipe Right feature to keep contact, use the Swipe Left feature to send a contact to the recycle bin. No worries, you can always rewind your action.

With our phones becoming our daily communication portal, it’s very important to keep all details organized & clean. Managing your contacts on your phone can sometimes become your worst nightmare.

We’ve come up with Alfred to solve all of these problems. Alfred is your new loyal digital phone butler. He’ll help you organize your contact list in a jiffy and very gamelike manner.

It doesn't matter where those contacts come from. Even though it's from your Google or mail contacts, Alfred recognizes and shows it as a regular phone contact.

Got duplicate contacts? Alfred is the best way to merge or remove duplicate contacts and save you from an unorganized contact list.

It's a smart cleaner! Alfred offers you analytics data. You’ll see how many contacts are removed and kept in your phone.

Note: This app can not clean your device memory and storage.

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